Let’s be honest about this. Being the ‘ mistress’ of a married man is not an ambition for a normal-minded woman.

When you dress up and ” pretend” as a young girl, you are not saying that you want to be a mistress when you grow up.

You want to be the beautiful bride, pretend to wear a wedding dress, ” marry” the boy of your dreams, and live happily ever after.

1.Adulterous Men Rarely Leave Their Wives 

All men have one or more reasons why they cannot leave their wives.

Many of these excuses have a deadline and thus give you false hope.

2.Being A Mistress Means You Will Never Come First 

He decides where and when. He often cancels at the last minute because of his obligations at home.

He makes promises to break them right away.

Most of the short moments together consist of sex, and you’re dating less and less. 

3.You Will Spend Special Occasions Alone  

While you are in bed at night, while you are all alone on your birthday, remember that he shares a bed with his wife.

Even if you have a good family and good friends, they will not be able to fill the void you feel.

He won’t just miss your birthday either. He will also miss his birthday, Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s Day, Easter, holidays, etc.

4. Your Friends And Family Think You’re Single

Even though you know you’re in a relationship, your family and your friends don’t know it. You can never introduce them to him.

You will always come to social events without a date and vacation alone or with platonic friends.

If you ever end up in the hospital, he won’t be the one sitting next to your bed, panicking for you to wake up again.

5. You Think About Him Much More Than He Thinks About You 

Just because he spends a few minutes of his day sending you suggestive texts doesn’t mean he’s always thinking about you.

He tries to maintain the minimal contact that he thinks will be enough.

Even if he says he only thinks about you when he’s with his family, it doesn’t mean it’s true.

He just says what you want to hear. When he’s on a tropical beach with his family, he won’t think about you.

6. Being A Mistress Means He Sleeps With You Doesn’t Mean He Loves You  

Women often see sexual relations as a sign of bonding and love. Men don’t.

In their eyes, sex is a physical activity that they can keep separate from their emotions. Intimacy is not exactly loved for them.

This physical seclusion explains why men cheat so quickly.

They can be in love with their wives but still sleep with other women.

It would be silly to assume that he doesn’t love his wife just because he sleeps with you.

7. He’s Still Having Sex With His Wife

There are few men who would turn down the offer to have sex with their partner.

It doesn’t happen as often as he might like, but there will definitely be intimacy between his wife and him.

He may even admit he’s still dating her, in his opinion to make everything seem normal.

However, he will never reveal how deep their intimacy runs.

Meanwhile, he expects you to be completely loyal to him and not date other men.

8. Being A Lover Means You Will Always Be His Little Secret 

As far as adulterous men are concerned, you will always be his little secret. His friends and family won’t find out about you.

There will also only be a few public places where you can see each other because he is afraid that you will be seen together.

You may even have the privilege of being his ” friend ” on a social networking site like Facebook, but he will never acknowledge that you are more than that.

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